Here is a sample of the items that we currently have for sale...

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Reclaimed Shelf Display ref 0258 SORRY SOLD

Price £145.00
Dimensions (H) 94cm. (W) 71cm (D) 19cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 22cm. (M) 41.5cm. (B) 21cm.
Entirely made from reclaimed planks , making it an eco-friendly choice as well as attractive one, finished in a lime-wax sea spray look and feel , very durable can be wall hung or free-standing .
Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens also would work well in a Cornish retail outlet with that gorgeous seaside finish displaying your products .
FREE local delivery "observing social distancing , giving you piece of mind " Please contact me if you would like to buy or ask any questions 07855 240896.
Please check out my Instagram "and don't forget to follow !" Many thanks Matt.

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Reclaimed Shelf Unit ref 0257

Price £75.00
Dimensions (H) 55cm. (W) 38cm. (D) 16cm.
Exclusive to Myrtle store , this rustic liming coastal piece boasts exposed wood grain details , can be easily wall hung or free-standing .
Suitable for all spaces , a finishing touch to your kitchen or indeed any room in your home.
Please get in touch if you would like to buy it ! its for sale in our showroom in Bread St, Penzance , Cornwall, TR18 2EQ. 01736 351553. 07855 240896.
Please check out my Instagram page for inspiration "don't forget to say hi !"
FREE local delivery, P&P £14.99.

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Handcrafed Shelf Unit ref 0256

Price £95.00
Dimensions (H) 62.5cm. (W) 58cm. (D) 18.5cm.
Shelf gap (T) 20cm. (B) 36.5cm.
Great value for money this piece made entirely from reclaimed timbers with its unique subtly peeling paint , clearly displays our commitment to rustic furniture .
This piece has a durable finish , and can be easily wall hung or free-standing , a timeless style for any bathroom or kitchen .
Its for sale in our show room Bread St , Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2EQ. 01736 351553. 07855 240896.
Check out our Instagram page for inspiration ......myrtlevintagefurniture .
FREE local delivery P&P UK £18.99.

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Handcrafted Rustic Coffee Table ref 0255

Price £125.00
Dimensions (L) 120cm. (W) 42cm. (H) 39.5cm.
The dark polished pine against the bare steel legs sums up the industrial style , easy to pick up and move around , very well constructed , you can maintain the look on this unique piece with Fiddes "Rugger Brown " furniture polish that we sell in the Myrtle store .
Ideal in your living space for those coffee table reads ! or maybe in your retail shop for displaying your products.
Please get in touch if you like to buy this piece of furniture.
Shop number 01736 351553 or 07855 240896 check out my Instagram page for inspiration myrtlevintagefurniture.

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Fiddle Back Dining Chairs ref 0252 SORRY SOLD

Price £45.00 each. x 4 available .
Upcycled antique farmhouse style dining chairs , freshly polished lovely rich finish, very study.
These would work well in traditional or antique interiors .
FREE local delivery .

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New Industrial Coffee Table ref 0250 SORRY SOLD

Price £125.00
Dimensions (L) 89cm. (W) 46cm. (H) 42cm.
Handcrafted from freshly sawn timber with a signature exclusive hard wearing finish , elevated on four bare steel legs . uplifting piece which is easy to move around.
Give your living space an industrial feel with this individual coffee table , will work well in a modernistic interior .
Myrtle store is in Bread St Penzance TR18 2EQ, 01736 351553, , its in the showroom waiting for its new home , please get in touch. Matt.

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Handcrafted Large Dining Table ref 0249

Price £395.00
Dimensions (L) 190cm. (W) 89cm. (H) 75cm.
Beautiful Dining table to seat 8 people , ageing planks complements the painted legs,it stands proudly in our store , durable finish, stylish charming addition to your modern rustic collection.
Easily removable legs for transportation , "this table will work well with the Nordic dining chairs we sell , just scroll down a bit further to ref 0216 ,six in stock at the moment !"
FREE careful local delivery.
Myrtle Store open hours .....
*Monday 10.15am till 4.15pm.
Friday 10am till 5pm.
Saturday 10am till 5pm.
Tel 01736 351553
07855 240896
Please visit my Instagram page myrtlevintagefurniture

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Shelf Unit ref 0248

Price £45.00
Dimensions (W) 29.5cm. (H) 43.5cm. (D) 16cm.
Made from reclaimed pine painted in Annie Sloan chalk paints colours Lem Lem Green and inside Original which is a soft white with a high sheen durable finish .
Ideal for bathroom easy to wall hang shelf , or maybe for an awkward space in your kitchen.
Myrtle store opening hours are.....
Monday 10.15 am till 4.15pm.
Friday 10am till 5pm.
Saturday 10am till 5pm.

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Reclaimed Handcrafted Shelf Unit ref 0246 SORRY SOLD

Price £65.00
Dimensions (W) 60cm. (D) 16cm. (H) 29.5cm.
Please note.... that products 25cm or less will fit comfortably on the shelf.
Individual piece crafted from reclaimed timber finished with exquisite paint work ! This chocolate-box piece is a personal favourite the way the peeling paint comes together with the exposed wood grain , and those colours !
Ideal for kitchen, bathroom living space ,can be wall hung (holes drilled ) or free standing will suit many styles modern or more traditional .
Please get in touch if you would like to purchase this one-of-a-kind piece. show room on Bread St, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2EQ , 01736 351553,
07855 240896 . FB. please check out our Instagram page for more unique artistic pieces , "and don't forget to say Hi !" myrtlevintagefurniture..
Many thanks Matt.

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Upcycled Shelf Unit ref 0243 SALE £49.00

Price £65.00 SALE NOW £49.00
Dimensions (H) 32cm. (D) 16cm. (W) 50cm.
I used really old bucklering timbers to construct this quirky unique piece finished in revolutionary Annie Sloan chalk paint colours, its a charming addition to your growing rustic collection.
Ideal for kitchen extra wall storage , or you might just about squeeze your electric tooth brush on (allow 27cm )
Please contact me on 07855 240896 if you would like to purchase this piece , maybe check out my Instagram for inspiration ....myrtlevintagefurniture.
Many thanks Matt.

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Rustic Toy Box ref 0239 SALE £110.00

Price £125.00 SALE PRICE £110.00
Dimensions (H) 34cm. (L) 61cm. (D) 36cm.
Handcrafted from a mix of upcycled timber , this quirky piece has a signature Myrtle paint finish along with some patches of natural beauty of the wood grain.
It has carrier handles at each end , so easy to move around .
I can see this piece in a period Cornish cottage just in time for Christmas !
If you would like to buy this fun piece please get in touch via FB, Instagram or 07855 240896 many thanks Matt.
Our showroom will be open on the 2nd Dec in Bread St, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2EQ. shop 01736 351553 look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Shelf Unit ref 0237. SORRY SOLD

Price £125.00
Dimensions (H) 84cm. (W) 70cm. (D) 16.5cm.
Shelf gap (T) 26.5cm. (M) 24cm. (B) 24cm.
The width measured from the overhanging top piece, made entirely from reclaimed pine with a signature Myrtle paint finish . Easy to hang on your wall as there are a few holes already drilled in the back which you can use without interfering with the paint work, or it will sit on a surface very nicely.
A timeless style for any bathroom or kitchen , also I can see this in a retail shop displaying your products.
Please get in touch if you would like to buy this piece by email or Instagram, F/B mob 07855 240896, Myrtle retail shop on Bread St , Penzance, Cornwall TR18 2EQ ,01736 351553 which opens on the 2nd Dec !! Looking forward to hearing from you , Many thanks Matt.

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Original Vintage Childs School Desk ref 0236

Price £65.00
Dimensions (H) 66cm. (W) 50cm. (D) 39cm.
Very authentic untouched piece , functions well light and easy to move around with useful storage . "rare piece"
Ideal for small child's bedroom , or maybe in living area for your child to do homework as it is very easy to store away. I can just see this on display in a retail shop as a unique and unusual item with that wonderful paint work.
Please get in touch if you would like to buy this piece by contacting me. , 07855 240896 or the shop on Bread St, Penzance, TR18 2EQ .01736 351553 will be open on the 2nd Dec !! FREE local delivery.

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Free Standing Shelf Unit ref 0235 SORRY SOLD

Price £225.00
Dimensions (H) 121cm. (W) 67cm. (D) 29cm.
Items no more the these heights will fit comfortably on the shelves (T) 27cm. (M) 36cm. (B) 34cm.
Ageing specialist paint work made from reclaimed and new pine , well constructed very strong will take any amount of books .
Suitable anywhere in your home, kitchen, bathroom ideal to display your products in retail;
Please get in touch if you would like to buy this piece , I can deliver it FREE locally , 07855 240896, many thanks Matt.

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Three Original Vintage Crates ref 0234

Price £60.00 for all three....
Dimensions (L) 55cm. (W) 39cm. (D) 11cm.
Rare Suttons Newlyn crates lovely colouring and original print with no woodworm damage .
These would be wonderful in a retail outlet for display , or your kitchen for grocery's .
Please get in touch if you would like to buy them 07855 240896. you can pay over the phone and I can deliver locally FREE !!many thanks Matt.

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Handcrafted Shelf Unit ref 0230 SORRY SOLD

Price £125.00
Dimensions (H) 39cm. (W) 113cm. (D) 18cm.
Dramatic piece of furniture producing powerful feelings in these exquisite colours makes this stand out piece truly one-of-a-kind.
It would sit beautifully in a quirky period home as well as being at home in a contemporary new build. Make it the centre piece of your retail shop to sell your products, very easy to catch the eye and draw you to it .
Its for sale in store, Bread St, Penzance, TR18 2EQ ,01736 351553, 0788240896, please get in touch if you can't make it to the shop , FREE local delivery. Many thanks Matt....

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Industrial Rustic Style Bench ref 0228 SORRY SOLD

Price £165.00
Dimensions (L) 130cm. (W) 37cm. (H) 44cm.
Handcrafted rustic pine seat supported by two matt black steel A frame uprights (New). The pine seating has a fine flat lacquer applied to make it easy wipe down , contemporary unfussy piece very sturdy and well constructed easy to move around with floor protectors fitted.
Incorporate this bench into your dining, kitchen , or maybe entrance to your home . This piece would look great in a "bang on trend !" retail for many uses seating ,displaying .
Please get in touch if you would like to buy or know more ! 07855 240896 or swing by the shop in Bread St , Penzance TR18 2EQ Mon, Fri, Sat. FREE local delivery on this piece.
Many thanks Matt.

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Little Handmade Shelf ref 0227

Price £35.00
Dimensions (L) 45cm. (H) 22cm. (D) 10cm.
Made from reclaimed irregular bits of pine with a few layers of paint finished in a gloss makes this piece feel very authentic , easy to hang on the wall .
You can display this anywhere in your home or your place of work , fits well in awkward places .
Its now on display in our showroom , Bread St, Penzance, TR18 2EQ , 01736 351553.

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Narrow Pine Shelf Unit ref 0221

Price £55.00
Dimensions (H) 65.5cm. (D) 17.5cm. (W) 29.5cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 20cm. (M) 18cm. (B) 18.5cm.
Handcrafted pine shelf unit painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint (colour Firle) with a high gloss finish , can be wall hung or placed on a work-surface well constructed very durable authentic piece.
Will fit in awkward spaces, Kitchen, bathroom workspace or retail to display your products.
FREE local delivery available on this piece , it will be in the showroom on Bread st , Penzance TR18 2EQ Friday 23 rd Oct if you would like to reserve it please get in touch 07855 240896.
Many thanks Matt.

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Pine Shelf Units ref 0220

Price £48.00 each 3 available in different colours.
Dimensions (L) 76cm. (D) 17cm. (H) 19cm.
Shelf Gap 14cm.
Easy to wall mount or free standing crafted from pine shelves , three available in these vivid colours from the revolutionary Annie Sloan Chalk paint palette. Rustic solid colour with a high gloss finish, very durable.
Suitable for all spaces in your home Kitchen, bathroom , this type of product is popular with retail outlets for displaying there products.
Available to buy in Myrtle store from 16th Oct in Bread St , Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2EQ. FREE local delivery or £12.00 P&P each anywhere in the UK.
Many thanks Matt.

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Brand New Multichest of Draws ref 0218

Price £499.00
Dimensions (L) 122cm.4ft. (D) 46.5cm. (H) 93.5cm. ( the depth includes the draw knobs.)
Contemporary shaker-style piece , made entirely from pine , dovetail joints British made finished in soft grey (factory finish) contrasting the slightly over hanging antique pine coloured top .
Spacious draws for your neatly stored clothes , to ensure your home is a clutter-free one, functional and stylish.
This piece can go anywhere in your home master bedroom, guest room ideal for those bulky winter jumpers .
This really is a wonderful piece of furniture to look at and use for the reasons I have given above , it will be in the showroom on Fri 16th Oct , if your interested in purchasing this piece please get in touch 07855 240896 or pop into the shop on Bread st, Penzance, TR18 2EQ Cornwall.
open Fri, Sat, and Mon, looking forward to seeing you soon, Many thanks Matt.

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New Pair of Industrial Chairs. ref 0217 SORRY SOLD

Price £89.00 each.
Dimensions (Seat H) 47cm. (W) 43cm. (Overall H) 82cm.
Beautifully put together a mixture of wood affect and bare steel creates a industrial feel , easy to pick up and move around ,they come with fitted floor protectors , very comfortable neatly sized practical and stylish.
Ideal for kitchen (small spaces) dining , work well with graphite and natural wood finishes .
Please contact me if you would like to reserve them or you need more !! 07855 240896 many thanks Matt, or pop into the shop on Bread st Penzance TR18 2EQ if you can, open Mon,Fri, Sat.

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New Scandinavian Beech Chairs ref 0216 Nordics.

Price £75.00 each . two available in stock . please get in touch to add to the next order.
Dimensions (seat H) 48cm. (W) 47.5cm. ( overall H) 89cm.
New made from beech wood in the raw , very comfortable "bang on trend best seller !" beautiful tactile finish . (known in the trade as Nordics )
Will suit modern or traditional style , dining ,kitchen or bedroom chair , can be painted ,stained or just left simply as they are.
Please pop in to the shop if you can and see them for yourself , "you won't be disappointed " if not just contact me 07855 240896 many thanks Matt.

SHOP DAYS OPEN , MON, FRI, SAT.. 07855 240896 , check out Instagram myrtlevintagefurniture for inspiration . "don't forget to follow"
FREE local delivery observing social distancing "giving you piece of mind"

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Shelving ref 0215

Price from £25.00 each.
Dimensions (D) 2cm. (L) 100cm. or 70cm. (W) 22cm.
We have a selection of purpose built shelves painted pure white with a little distress finish available in stock, "can make more"
Please contact me 07855 240896.
Many thanks matt.

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Four Shelves ref 0214

Price £25.00 Each.
Dimensions (L) 70cm. (W) 30cm. (D) 2cm.
Pine shelves painted pure white and Chicago grey with a durable hardwearing finish.
Will go anywhere in your home , we also have a large collection of locally made bare steel industrial brackets @ £8.95 each.
These shelves are now situated in Myrtle store , Bread st, Penzance for sale , I will update this if sold , I can make more in the near furture.
Many thanks Matt.

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Handpainted Cupboard ref 0212 SORRY SOLD

Price £475.00
Dimensions (H) 81cm. (D) 43cm. (W) 69cm.
Hand-built cupboard with a Myrtle signature paint finish in these uplifting treasured vivid colours producing powerful feelings ! Elevated on four cabriole legs with a removable inside shelf, highly durable finish.
Ideal use for bathroom " its deep enough for a basin and taps" kitchen or work space , it would suit a modern interior .
This freshly made piece now stands proudly in the Myrtle store waiting for its first home , if you are interested in purchasing it , please get in touch by popping into the store on Bread street Penzance TR18 2EQ open days are Monday, Friday and Saturday or 07855 240896, WhatsApp ,

Many thanks Matt.

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Shelf Unit ref 0210 SORRY SOLD

Price £145.00.
Dimensions (L) 95cm. (H) 58.5cm. (D) 17cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 25.5cm. (B) 26.5cm.
Handcrafted pine shelf unit with specialist paint work with a wonderful vivid colour combination that has durability .
Will go anywhere in your home or work-space , ideal for bathrooms , kitchens wall hanging or worktop space.
It is available to buy now and it will be in the showroom from Saturday 10th October . you can message me on 07855 240896, WhatsApp , .
Many thanks Matt.

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Handcrafted Wall Cupboard ref 0209

Price £225.00
Dimensions (W) 73cm. (H) 46.5cm. (D) 22cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 16.5cm. (B) 24cm.
Out-standing individual handmade piece with its own specialist paint work with hand mixed colours . Beautiful, functional and neatly sized ideal for bathrooms, kitchens can be wall hung or it can just sit on the worktop . Made from pine with a removable shelf , wonderful texture with these treasured colours makes this piece a one-of-a-kind.

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Large Decorative Mirror ref 0208 SORRY SOLD

Price £195.00
Dimensions 92cm.
I have spent a considerable amount of time on this one-of-a-kind-piece, when I purchased this mirror from one of my valued customers the appeal was the scale of it , never seen one like this before , its not very old the quality is of a high standard and it is my belief that it is made of wood, with bevelled mirror glass .
It now has a Myrtle signature specialist paint finish , make no mistake this three foot mirror will have a real energized impact on your living space.
The hanging supports on the rear of the mirror are very secure please contact me if you have any questions . Many thanks Matt.

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Handpainted Pine Chest ref 0204 SORRY SOLD

Price £195.00
Dimensions (W) 86.5cm. (H) 71.5cm. (D) 44.5cm.
This wonderful exciting upcycled piece has been painted in soft pastel chalk paint and a wax finish .Made by a company called "Ducal Pine....made in England"
1990's era lovely condition functions beautifully , fun piece with easy living colours.
It also has a coat of lacquer on as well as wax, you won't be disappointed with the finish.

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Handcrafted Wall Mounted Mirror ref 0200

Price £75.00
Dimensions (L) 83cm. (W) 43.5cm.
Shelf size (D) 6.5cm. (L) 35cm.
Locally handmade lovely sea spray natural finish ideal for bathrooms, easy to mount on your wall with a useful little shelf and bevelled mirror glass.
Good attention to detail on the finish
FREE careful local delivery.

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Rustic Handcrafted Cupboard ref 0199 SORRY SOLD

Price £450.00
Dimensions (H) 86.5cm. (L) 89cm. (D) 32cm.
Shelf gap (T) 36cm. (B) 36cm.
Could you incorporate this modern rustic statement piece in your home neatly sized utterly one-off creation .The old pine slightly over hanging top complements these classic clashing colours,
Developed and produced entirely in my workshop. your not just buying a cupboard your buying a feeling, will suit traditional or contemporary interiors Well constructed made from reclaimed and new pine. FREE careful local delivery.

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Rustic Shelf Unit ref 0195

Price £65.00
Dimensions (H) 55cm. (W) 38cm. (D) 17.5cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 24cm. (B) 24.5cm.
Great variation of the grain on this professionally painted wall hanging unit , easy to hang with a ageing finish , ideal for bathrooms, kitchens.
Exclusive to Myrtle store , this piece will be available from 4th Sept , if you would like to reserve it please get in touch 07855 240896 or WhatsApp, FB.many thanks Matt.

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Shelving ref 0194 SORRY SOLD

Price £25.00 each x3 available
Dimensions (L) 190cm. 75 inches . (W) 15cm. 6 inches. (Thickness) 2.5cm. 1 inches.
Suitable for all spaces in your home , wonderful dark tones contrasting with the lighter, will work very well with our industrial shelf brackets priced at £3.95 each listed under accessories.

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Handmade Rustic Shelf Unit ref 0193. SORRY SOLD

Price £75.00
Dimensions (H) 55cm. (W) 48cm. (D) 18cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 24cm. (B) 24.5cm.
Description ...
Handcrafted from reclaimed and new pine painted in old ochre and Provence finished in wax , if you are not familiar with these colours please check out our paints on this website.
Add some country-style charm to your home with neatly sized wall-hanging or work top free standing piece , ideal for bathrooms .
This piece clearly displays our commitment to rustic furniture.
FREE local delivery.

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Shelving ref 0191

Price £30.00 each x2 available.
Dimensions (L) 79.5cm. (D) 29.5cm. (Thickness) 2cm.
Great value for money , very tactile unique variations of the grain, finished in a flat lacquer for durability so ideal for kitchens, bathrooms .
We sell industrial bare steel brackets to fit this product, priced at £8.95 each .

, ,

Large Old Pine Trunk ref 0188 SORRY SOLD

Price £225.00
Dimensions (L) 94cm. (D) 55cm. (H) 61cm.
Apologies for the poor photos as it is in the window of the shop when I took them , will try soon to improve on that !
Victorian era original lid hinges with that lovely blonding old pine patina , dove tailed by hand, a real sizeable piece of furniture, will suit traditional , antique or contemporary style interior .
This timeless piece comes with FREE careful delivery. If you are unable to come to the store then please get in touch . 07855 240896 Many thanks Matt.

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Shelf Unit ref 0185 SORRY SOLD

Price £175.00
Dimensions (H) 145cm. (W) 56cm. (D) 17cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 35cm. as the others are all 33cm.
Handcrafted from reclaimed and new pine lots of shelf storage on a narrow foot print , can be free-standing or wall mounted .
Professionally painted with a wonderful vivid green against the soft ageing off-white.
FREE local delivery.

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Penny Pine Plate Rack ref 0181 SORRY SOLD

Price £145.00
Dimensions (W) 101cm. (H) 75.5cm (D) 22cm.
Enough room for your favourite 20 plates , plenty of shelf space and hooks for beakers. Beautiful and functional and very easy to hang.(wall hanging)
Can be painted.
FREE local delivery.

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Victorian Old Pine Trunk ref 0177 SORRY SOLD

Price £195.00
Dimensions (H) 43cm. (L) 98cm. (D) 49.5cm,
Lovely patina to this blonding old pine piece , a lot of originality to it , original hinges and candle section inside. (before electricity) its got a lovely feel to it "and it hasn't been polished to death !"
Very popular dimensions , end of a bed, under a window coffee table there so useful .
FREE local delivery on this piece.

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Storage/Bench Seat ref 0174 SORRY SOLD

Price £350.00
Dimensions (H) 55cm. (L) 122cm. (D) 43cm.
4 ft handcrafted pine unit , professionally painted in pure white and black with a natural old reclaimed pine top/seat . Very versatile Bathroom, Kitchen, entrance to your home , ideal for soft fluffy white towels , as you can see from the pictures with these size 11 white trainers there is amble deep storage ,
Developed and produced entirely in my workshop , finished in a low-sheen lacquer which protects this unit from every day wear and tear so you can relax and enjoy.
FREE careful local delivery on this piece. 07855 240896 if you can't get out. Many thanks Matt.


Oak Wld English Oak Planks SORRY SOLD

A good selection of unique pieces at the mo.....18th July
Ideal project wood for benches window seals , tables shelf.
Open Monday 10.15 till 4.15pm
Friday 10am till 5pm.
Saturday 10am till5pm.
07855 240896

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Free-Standing Shelf Unit ref 0172 SORRY SOLD

Price £195.00
Dimensions (H) 94.5cm. (W) 57cm. (D) 29cm.
Shelf Gap (T) 38.5cm. (B) 41cm.
Delightful soft whites and yellows with a distressed finish finished in a durable lacquer with the lovely old pine slightly over-hanging top.
Deep shelf-space for those books , towels or shoes in your entrance to your home.
This piece will be in the showroom on the 17th July Fri.
FREE local delivery on this.

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Handcrafted Bookcase ref 0170 SORRY SOLD

Price £225.00
Dimensions (H) 117.5cm. (W) 72cm. (D) 29.5cm.
Shelf gap (T) 33cm. (M) 33cm. (B) 34.5cm.
Uplifting modern-rustic piece with ample shelf space for books, towels shoes etc. Free-standing finished in a durable low-sheen lacquer , will be in the showroom Fri 18th July , if you would like to have a closer look "you won't be disappointed !" text or contact me 07855 240896 Many thanks Matt.
FREE local delivery.

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Wall Cupboard ref 0169

Price £145.00
Dimensions (H) 55.5cm. (D) 23cm. (W) 33cm.
Handmade professionally painted , made from pine , some new some reclaimed , real statement piece very authentic easy to hang comes with key-hole wall plates .
We are easing back from lock down so our hours in the shop at the mo .....
Monday 10.30 till 4pm.
Friday 10 am till 5pm.
Saturday 10am till 5pm.
I am available to come to the shop out of hours as I am in my work shop working near -by 07855 240896 Many thanks Matt.


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Shelf Unit ref 0166

Price £75.00
Dimensions (H) 54.5cm. (W) 36cm. (D) 17cm.
Shelf gap 27cm.
Handmade professionally painted wall hanging unit , with three useful miniature hooks maybe for the bathroom, kitchen or entrance hall for keys , dog lead etc.
If you would like to be the first person to own this exclusive to Myrtle store piece , and you can't get to the store , then I can deliver it FREE locally or can post £20 postage & packaging to you .
Contact me text ,FB or WhatsApp me 07855 240896 Many thanks Matt.

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Four Original Retro Chairs ref 0150 SORRY SOLD

Price £150.00
Wonderful opportunity to own these 1950's chairs

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Rustic Bedside ref 0147 SORRY SOLD

Price £110.00
Dimensions (W) 46.5cm. (H) 58cm. (D) 38cm.
Cool and sleek sea spray finish , Message me for me to paint the rest of your bedroom furniture !
07855 240896. Many thanks Matt.

"incredible paint work"

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Handcrafted Farmhouce Style Table SORRY SOLD

Price £250.00
Dimensions (L) 125cm. (W) 80cm. (H) 76cm.
Lovely coloured top to complement the painted black legs ,

, , , ,

Reclaimed Rustic Cupboard ref 0145 SORRY SOLD

Price £350.00
Dimensions (H) 99cm. (D) 53.5cm. (W) 48cm.
I call this piece "the shed" because it is made predominately from a shed that I reluctantly had to dismantle . This is the ultimate reclaimed piece for easy living in your space !
Kitchen, bathroom cabinet or maybe in your beech-hut or your place of work , very carefully constructed functions beautifully with a removable shelve .
A timeless style and built to give you longevity , FREE local delivery on this piece . The Myrtle store is sill closed unfortunately due to covid , however still open for business with social distancing at the heart of everything we do . Its in the window of the store for you to clearly view , if you would like a closer inspection please get in touch , message me or text/call 07855 240896. Matt.

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Handmade Modern Rustic Cupboard ref 0144 SORRY SOLD

Price £495.00
Dimensions (L) 115cm. (D) 30cm. (H) 79.5cm.
Beautiful Handmade piece carefully created entirely in my workshop , slim-line design professionally painted vivid colour.
Make a wonderful statement piece in the lobby , entrance to your property , kitchen bathroom with a detachable shelve .

, , ,

Rustic Dining Room Set ref 0143

Price £995.00
Made to Order . The one in the picture Dimensions (190 x 90cm)
Nordic Beech Chairs x6.
Beautiful finish on the planks to complement the painted uprights , detachable legs with no tools required for a stress-free , FREE careful local delivery.
Brand new beech chairs , very comfortable and tactile "bang on trend"
Please contact me for further details Matt 07855 240896.

, ,

Handcrafed Rustic Table ref 0141 SORRY SOLD

Price £295.00
Dimensions (L) 135cm. (W) 75cm. (H) 73cm.
Crafted from pine , would suit farmhouse rural interior , detachable legs for transport , FREE local door step delivery .
Could this be the finishing touch to your rustic kitchen.

, , , ,

Handcrafted Wine Cupboard

This is not for sale , I produced and created this in my w/shop , would you like me to make more ? let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
It holds up to 50 bottles.
Dimensions (H)129cm. (D)44cm. (W) 39.5cm. made from new and reclaimed pine , professionally painted.

Rustic Shelving ref 0109 SORRY SOLD

..... NEW PRODUCT !!
Scandinavian pine ideal for shelving......
Dimensions (L) 1M. (W) 20cm. (D) 2.5cm.
There are now five available at £20.00 each .
They have been finished in a washed-out look , will suit contempary or traditional style.
More shelving is available on request please let me know the dimensions and quantity for a quote .

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Handcrafted Cupboard ref101 SORRY SOLD....

Price £450.00
Dimensions (L) 118cm. (H) 76cm. (D) 31.5cm. Shelve (D) 24.5cm top & bottom.
This utterly unique piece clearly displays my commitment to rustic furniture !!
Constructed using predominately reclaimed locally sourced timbers, professionally painted , "you won't find this colour on a shelve !"
It will fit virtually anywhere due to its slim-line design, with bundles of storage , for kitchenware's , towels bulky winter jumpers, shoe's in a lobby or entrance to your home for first impressions.
suits contemporary or traditional interior. FREE careful local delivery on this item.

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New Chairs ref 0129

Traditional Slat-Back Beach Chairs £65.00 Each. x2 available. There is a price increase on these unfortunately on the next order to £70.00 each , two left in stock at £65.00.
Nordic Beach Chairs £75.00 Each . these have sold , however I can get more to order.

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19th Century Gilt Mirror ref 0132

Price £110.00
Dimensions 78cm x 68cm
Gold gilt antique mirror frame , mirror glass in good condition , great proportions.
Mirror frame looks original untouched .

"Bounce light around the room "

FREE local delivery......

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Handmade Cabinet ref054 SORRY SOLD

Price £95.00
H 49.5cm.
W 35cm.
D 15cm.
Crafted from pine finished in Antibes Green ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living space.
This alluring piece is one-of-a-kind .

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Handmade Cupboard Ref 051 SORRY SOLD

Price £125.00
Fab handmade cupboard finished with a signature Myrtle paint work, very versatile , Bathroom, Kitchen, Living area, or w/space.
easy to hang or free standing . will work well contemporary or antique style .
Shelve gaps are Top 14cm. Middle 22.5cm. Bottom 14cm.

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Rustic Handmade Cupboard SORRY SOLD

Price £395.00
H 135cm.
D 25cm.
W 58cm.....these measurements are from the widest part.
This flagship piece I made from reclaimed & new timber and then painted in a colour i hand mixed up which I would call "teal" or turquoise .
My objection , was to make it look untouched ! minimal floor space ,well proportioned with generously-sized cupboard space.
Effortlessly stylish timeless piece also gives you longevity. "you won't be disappointed "
*Professionally Painted.
*Free Local Delivery.
*Makers Mark.
*Made in Cornwall.

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Handmade CD Rack

This one has sold , however I can make more !!

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Old Pine Box NOW £75.00 SORRY SOLD

Price £85.00 NOW £75.00
H 30cm
L 50cm
D 29cm
A lot of originality to this wonderful old box , this versatile timeless piece will go anywhere in your home or work space to hide away those odds and ends.

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New Bar Stools

Price £150.00 each These have sold , however I am able to supplier more , please contact me if your in the market for stools or new chairs , taking orders for Christmas.

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Painted Spindle-Back Dining Chairs

Price £50 each x4 available only.
Hand painted with chalk paint with a clear lacquer for easy cleaning.
Colours used....
Tilton Yellow...SOLD
Rodmell Purple....
Paris Grey.....SOLD
Napoleonic Blue.....SOLD


Military Box SORRY SOLD

Price £55.00
H 27cm
D 31cm
L 61cm
Original military box , very authentic with a splash of mustard yellow makes it very appealing piece. hard to put an age to it , but its very old.
Very versatile , can be used as a coffee table .

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New beech chairs

We now have a new range of products , in may different finishes to suit your needs .
Fabric ,Leather , Factory painted finish all at a very competitive prices ,
Beech slat-back chair in picture is £70.00
Please get in touch.

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Old Pine Chest...SORRY SOLD

Price £275.00
H 86.5cm
L 109cm
D 44.5cm
Lovely old rustic pine chest restored by myself , fab blonding pine , functions really well.
FREE local delivery . rare piece.

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Rustic shelf unit SORRY SOLD

Price £89.00 SALE NOW £75.00
W 41cm
H 69cm
D 11cm
Professionally hand painted , made from reclaimed pine, easy to hang , ideal for narrow spaces.

New Farmhouse Slatback Chairs

Price £70.00 each SORRY OUT OF STOCK
Seat height 48cm
Overall height 85cm
Made of Beach wood Brand new , very good quality in the raw.


New Carver chairs

Price £95.00 each we can order these for you .
Seat height 48cm
overall height 93cm
Arm height 68cm
In raw beech wood, Brand new .

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Wall hanging shelves SALE NOW £55.00

Price £65.00 SALE NOW £55.00.
W 37cm
H 53cm
D 11cm
Heavy distress paint work with all your greens with a little bit of pink peeping through .
Ideal for spices in the kitchen or bathroom , great for narrow spaces.

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Handmade Table ...Reclaimed Pine SORRY SOLD

* Price £425.00
* Size
H 76cm
W 75cm
L 138cm
A real Wow factor to this one , truly unique paint work finished in a clear lacquer .
Wonderful combination of colours , will work in a modern area as well as vintage.
The table top is original Victorian pine which are highly desirable and rare, legs do come apart for easy Free delivery locally .
If you would like to know more about this item then don't hesitate to contact me, its in the showroom now , you can see it from the window.
"Make your own personal space stand out from the crowd !"

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New Nordic Beech chair

Price £75 each.
Beautiful finish fresh and bang on trend ! clean lines great design.
One of the country's best sellers , at a very competitive price.

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Rustic Reclaimed Coffee Table SORRY SOLD

Price £195. NOW £150.00
H 48cm
L 106cm
W 93cm
This wonderful reclaimed handmade coffee table sits on metal pin legs . Truly unique , even somewhere to put your coffee cup.

, ,

NEW Chairs now available

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Old Pine Large Trunk....SORRY SOLD....

Price £195
Size D 54.5cm,21.5'
L 94 cm. 37'
H 41.5cm. 16.5'
Beautiful unique , the peeling original paint in contrast to the old blonding pine makes this a rustic piece of furniture .
Ample storage for blankets and bulky items , with its original little candle box inside .
Original handles, hinges waxed and ready to go to a new home to carry on the journey from the Victorian era .
FREE local delivery on this item....Feel free to ask a question .

Hand made Signs

Price....Starting from £19.95....
Handmade signs made from English hard woods , every piece is hand carved, and hand painted.

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Handmade Box NOW £95.00 SORRY SOLD

Price £125...SALE PRICE £95.00
L 59cm
D 36cm
H 34cm
Made from scratch from new pine , however the lid is old Victorian for that wonderful contrast against the black Graphite carcass .
FREE local delivery.

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x4 10FT Edwardian Pitch Pine Boards

Price £200 for all 4 Boards .....sorry can not sell separately .
L 305cm
W 27.5cm
Thick 3.5cm.
Lovely patina to these boards, totally unique , very rare , first time for sale on the open market .

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Handmade Rustic Shelving SORRY SOLD

Price £100 each two available.
H 111cm
W 75cm
D 22.5cm
Totally unique free standing shelving handmade by us , gap in-between shelves ranges from 31cm to 33cm , with a Rustic finish only two available.

, , ,

Handmade in Cornwall shelf brackets

Price Large £8.95 each....
Small £3.95 each.....
Guide size Large 24cm x 20.5cm
Guide size Small 17cm x 14.5cm
Limited number available of this steel rustic shelf brackets .
Industrial look, handmade in Cornwall ......"Bang on trend !"

, , ,

Beautiful Rustic Table SORRY SOLD !!

Price £450
Stunning handmade table reclaimed old pine top, stylish legs which can be removed for delivery , well constructed .
What sets this apart that it is totally unique . a one of it's kind, Bang on trend, a real stylish feature in your home, office,or work space.
FREE local delivery.
Myrtle vintage furniture paint and make everything , we specialize in modern rustic, country style.

Ceramic knobs

Price £2.50 each.
Size 40mm
Give your furniture a new lease of life with these easy to attach cool and sleek styling knobs.

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Rustic coffee tables

Price £135.00 size L76CM. W47CM. H45CM. SORRY THIS ONE HAS SOLD....
Price £145.00 size L121CM.W40CM. H46CM......SORRY THIS ONE HAS SOLD.....

These beautiful coffee tables finished in natural old stripped pine handmade by us , with painted black three pin metal legs .
Light in weight so easy to move around the house , FREE local delivery.


Rustic farmhouse style table

Price £295.00
Handmade rustic top ,with traditional farmhouse legs , painted with the rich Napoleonic Blue, fully lacquered for protection , the legs can be removed for delivery with wing nuts, so you don't even need a spanner !! if you are local I will bring it round myself FREE delivery and assembly !!
Thank you for looking.

SORRY SOLD....however can make more , please ask for details.

Reclaimed Pine hooks & hangers

All handmade in Cornish reclaimed old pine .

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Victorian old pine dresser SORRY SOLD

Price £450
Stunning restored dresser, estimated age two hundred years old , with a lot of originality including the glass !
These pieces of furniture are very rare in this size , I can offer FREE local delivery and a FREE tin of Fiddes light brown wax to maintain and enhance the lovely patina , now in the showroom to view !


Shelves handmade & painted ref 0100

Price £30 each
Dimensions (L) 90cm. (W) 29cm. (D) 2,5cm.
These lovely hand painted shelves are a new addition to our collection.
Light in weight , and waxed. painted both sides.
Place an order today . If these dimensions don't work for you , I can make them to suit your needs , this just gives you an example . contact me on 07855 240896, many thanks Matt.
"everyone is unique and individually made "

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Farmhouse Style Table

Price £ ?
any colour available, Grey,Blue, Green...etc.....
Size.... ANY SIZE YOU WANT.....

Painted, natural pine top with a sealer to protect it . lovely and fresh restored by me !
The legs do come of for transportation , FREE local delivery.

Original watering cans

Price £22.50 each two left Pink & Blue.

All original vintage watering cans painted in all these wonderful colours with a clear lacquer for protection .

, , ,


Now £2.50 each.

Glass knobs

Make your bedroom sparkle !


Wooden Chest of Drawers (ITEM 2)

Here is where the description will go.